Contractor Evaluation

What is a contractor evaluation?

Sometimes home buyers realize there are deficiencies in their potential new home.  Their questions are not “are their deficiencies”, but rather what is the extent of these deficiencies, what is the best way to repair them, and most importantly, what will it cost to repair them.  There are also instances where the potential purchase is perfect except for one or two items.  Questions arise about the feasibility of making changes to the home, and once again the cost of doing so. Perhaps you have already received a home inspection and would like to know the options and cost associated with the repairs. These questions and many others can be answered during a contractor evaluation.  This information is very helpful in determining the purchase price of a potential property.

Don’t guess on renovation costs, there are many variables and implications in repair and renovations.  Perhaps you may be concerned about buying a property because of the repairs needed.  During a contractor evaluation, we can discuss various options and discover the repair costs may be much more reasonable than you imagined.